All you need to know about
Open Source data platforms

Do you want to know more about Open Source data management? We love to share our knowledge with you! Learn more about what’s new in the Open Source world and discover tips and tricks to help you maintain your Open Source data platforms.

3 Reasons to choose Open Source databases!

Cost efficiency
Mature, secure and
enterprise ready sofware
Global community support

Why we choose PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is one of the most widely used Open Source relational databases in the world. It has a very strong reputation for architecture, reliability and data integrity. It is endorsed by our reselling partner EDB, the leading private contributor to PostgreSQL and the worldwide Open Source community.

Why we choose MySQL?

MySQL offers endless scalability, constant availability and a unique storage engine architecture that allows us to customize the configuration according to specific needs.

Ready to boost your IT Infrastructure
with a technical scan?

A proactive health check to see if your Open Source IT infrastructure is still running smoothly can be essential to avoid problems and stay focused on your core business.