We build,
implement and support Open Source databases

We guarantee secure and highly available environments for any type of business by combining our knowledge of Open Source and proprietary databases.

We are passionate about Open Source

Our unique and talented team builds long-term partnerships with you and supports your growth. We share this passion with the Open Source community.

We offer quality

Thanks to our expertise in databases, we provide the best solution for your business.

We have our own personality

We can also count on the support of our valuable partnerships with vendors and the Open Source community.

We team up with valuable partners

We can also count on the support of our valuable partnerships with vendors and the Open Source community.

We are your preferred partner for Open Source data management

We take care of you and your data and we guarantee high availability, security, and efficiency.

We earn our stripes

Zebanza is a group of database experts passionate about Open Source. With years of combined experience, we share our expertise in Open Source and proprietary data solutions. This makes us the best solution for your business and your data!

Open Source database expertise

Are you looking for a partner to support your Open Source data infrastructure?
Find out how we can help you:


Short or long-term consultancy, we listen to what you need. We offer DBA consultants whose expertise can help your business grow.

Managed services
and support

We keep an eye on your database. Pro-active monitoring keeps your data safe so you can focus on your core business.

Migration advice
and support

We help you migrate your data to an Open Source database. We take care of all your concerns and ensure a smooth transfer, so your data is integrated correctly and securely.


We offer customized trainings and hands-on sessions to share our knowledge with you.

Reselling enterprise support

If you are looking for an enterprise ready Open Source subscription, we can help you find the right vendor and take care of your yearly renewal.

Read about our customers' successes

Lies Desmedt
Project Manager
Professional, responsive, and able to keep up with ever-changing demand and tight deadlines: That's how I would describe Jeramy and his team at The Lorem Ipsum Company.
Frank Dendonder
OSDB Analyst
My busy schedule leaves little, if any, time for blogging and social media.

Learn more about Zebanza

PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced OSDB and has been meticulously developed by a vibrant open source community for more than 30 years. Here you will find all the needed information and updates …

Our trusted partners

3 Reasons to choose Open Source databases!

Cost efficiency
Mature, secure and
enterprise-ready software
Global community support

Why we choose PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is one of the most widely used Open Source relational databases in the world. It has a very strong reputation for architecture, reliability and data integrity. It is endorsed by our reselling partner EDB, the leading private contributor to PostgreSQL and the worldwide Open Source community.

Why we choose MySQL?

MySQL offers endless scalability, constant availability and a unique storage engine architecture that allows us to customize the configuration according to specific needs.


Ready to boost your IT Infrastructure
with a technical scan?

Learn more about the health of your IT infrastructure and how your can optimize it with Open Source data management.