DBVisit introduces Disaster Recovery for PostgreSQL Databases

Our partner DBVisit, a Disaster Recovery specialist with over 15 years of experience, is offering Disaster Recovery software on multi platforms. They are happy to announce that they are now introducing support and Disaster Recovery on PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is one of the fastest growing technologies worldwide. So welcoming the elephant into the Dbvisit family is the next logical step.  


Disaster recovery must be simple to deploy, fast to operate and easy to use. Minimizing data loss and maintaining control over Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) is important for business continuity. Hardware failures, data corruption, natural disasters… by having a disaster recovery plan in place, you can minimize data loss and focus more on your core business.  


We’ll give you 3 of the many ways in which standby MP enables you to provide great disaster recovery on your PostgreSQL database:  


🐘 Simplify and de-risk standby creation: The DR creation process automatically helps you discover, select and configure the right cluster. It will match it to the right standby installation location. It automatically detects and pre-configures different scenarios based on PostgreSQL version and post operating system. 


🐘 Reliable replication on any network: There are 3 different data replication modes. All with automatically pre-configured settings, to help you keep your standby up to date, no matter what network or environment you are dealing with. The entire setup process is entirely visual and guided. No need to dig into any conflict files.  


🐘 Democratize great Disaster Recovery: Access major actions at any time with just one click, such as fail-over or switch-over, with full confidence that they will be successful and work reliable. Behind the scenes, Standby MP takes care of all the details to prepare to run each command as well as execute it in the best way possible. 


In short, Dbvisit Standby MP, reliable easy-to use protection for your database now with PostgreSQL.

Contact us if you are interested and need more info! 

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