Get the most out of PostgreSQL with the Community 360 plan

The EDB Community 360 plan is the perfect and most affordable solution if you are looking to get the most out of your PostgreSQL deployments. If you have an open source only strategy, but you want the security of a trusted advisor and expertise when issues arise, the Community 360 plan is your way to go. And we can help you along the road! 


With this plan, you will have access to a wide range of resources and support, including: 


🐘 Software downloads with the latest versions of the PostgreSQL database and any necessary patches and updates 


🐘 Documentation, including user manuals, tutorials and FAQs 


🐘 Training resources such as online tutorials and hands-on workshops, to help you learn how to use the PostgreSQL database effectively 


🐘 Technical support brought by a team of experienced technical support engineers who can help you resolve any issues you might encounter with your PostgreSQL database.  


Thanks to the Community 360 plan, you can be part of an active community of expert users and developers, share knowledge and get support when needed! 


Find out what the Community 360 plan is all about:


Contact us if you are interested and need more info! 

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