14 reasons to upgrade or even migrate to Postgres 14!

Here are 14 good reasons to upgrade or even migrate to Postgres 14:

  1. PostgreSQL 14.1 was released on November 11th, 2021 containing some minor corrections on top of 14.0 which came out September 30th, 2021, production-ready with some great features.
  2. Performance enhancements
    • Related to partitioned tables, the performance has been improved via execution-time pruning. A single sub-plan is now generated instead of separate sub-plans.
    • Foreign Table Scans in parallel next to the many parallel query functionalities.
  3. New Data Types
    • The new multirange type, based on the already existing range type, allows an ordered list of discontinuous ranges.
  4. Improved Management Functionality
    • Several parameters associated with connectivity are added, related to idle, long-running queries, and session timeouts.
  5. Additional Security Features
    • Security should not just be ignored. With additional predefined roles, this all becomes a lot easier.
  6. Monitoring improvement via the Query Identifier
    • To identify each query, an enhancement and key element of monitoring.
  7. Several Logical Replication enhancements
    • Reducing apply lag for large in-progress transactions.
    • Decoding of transactions containing DDLs, to build conflict-free replication.
  8. SQL Features
    • Multiple queries can be sent in pipeline mode waiting for completion.
  9. Data corruption detection tools
    • A new tool is introduced to check for data corruption.
  10. More efficient indexes
    • Additions to B-Tree indexes can now remove expired entries and prevent page splits.
    • REINDEX now supports subindexes of partitioned tables.
  11. Extended statistics
    • This will help the optimizer to obtain better statistics for various kinds of queries with expressions.
  12. Insignificant vacuuming
    • A lot of improvements, like analyzing partitioned tables, associating the statistics with the parent table, and index optimization.
  13. Parallel distinct … oh no, that’s a PostgreSQL 15 new feature that will be released at the end of 2022. 😉 And so the story continues!
  14. … and many other nice and useful features on top of previous versions of PostgreSQL.

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