Technical Lunch and Learn

Start to migrate: The Power of PostgreSQL

Get ready for Zebanza’s technical Lunch and Learn – Start to migrate.
More and more organizations are moving away from proprietary database solutions. PostgreSQL has emerged as a popular and cost-effective alternative. So we can say: PostgreSQL is the new sexy thing in the world of data management!

If you are considering a move to PostgreSQL, this session will provide you with valuable insights and practical guidance to help you succeed.
Enjoy a lunch, while listening to experts in the field who will give you a technical view on how to migrate to PostgreSQL.

Registrations possible until Sunday October 9th.
Seats are limited!

What's on the agenda?

  • Arrival and welcome
    • 11h30 - 12h00
  • Introduction by Zebanza and our partner EDB
    • 12h00 - 12h15
  • How to migrate?
    • 12h15 - 13h45
A technical view on the migration process from Oracle to PostgreSQL
Presented by: Guy Gyles and Ed Bangma
  • Q&A
    • 13h45 - 14h00
When and where?
Friday June 9th – 11h30 – 14h00

Cronos – Room 2

Veldkant 33b

2500 Kontich


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Zebanza is your preferred partner for open source data management. We offer training, consultancy, migration advice and are a reselling partner for EDB. Together with you, we want to build a long-lasting partnership and be of your assistance whenever needed!
So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to your legacy database technology, and say hello to PostgreSQL, then we are looking forward to meeting you on June 9th in Kontich.

Registrations possible until Sunday June 4th.
Seats are limited!

For more information, contact

The event and presentation will be in English.

Zebanza's Lunch and Learn event recap

Thank you for attending our technical lunch and learn session on database migration. In case you missed it, here’s a recap along with some pictures. And don’t forget, if you need migration advice, contact Zebanza. We’ll assist you throughout the process.

Are you ready to make the PostgreSQL move?

Migrating from a legacy to an open-source database can be challenging, but with our expertise and EDB’s migration tools, we guarantee success.

Here are some benefits of migrating to an open-source database:

  • Cost Saving: Open-source databases are free to use and distribute, reducing operational expenses and enabling better budget allocation.
  • Licensing Freedom: Open-source databases provide flexibility under open-source licenses or subscriptions, allowing customization and distribution without limitations.
  • Community Support: Active communities offer extensive online resources, forums, and user communities for assistance, knowledge sharing, and collaborative problem-solving.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Open-source databases can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments, offering flexibility and scalability to match organizational needs.
  • Wide Range of Features: Open-source databases offer advanced functionalities like replication, high availability, clustering, data partitioning, and full-text search, suitable for various applications and use cases.
  • Security and Reliability: Open-source databases undergo rigorous community testing, ensuring security and reliability. Source code review facilitates transparency and independent security audits.
  • Avoid Vendor Lock-in: Migrating to an open-source database reduces dependence on a single vendor, providing more control over infrastructure and freedom to choose optimal solutions.

It’s important to note that while open-source databases offer numerous benefits, each migration project should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Factors such as the complexity of the existing database, specific application requirements, and available technical expertise should be considered before making a decision. That’s why having an experienced partner with the necessary database expertise is crucial. We can assist you throughout the process. Contact us for all the information you need to ensure a successful database migration.


Zebanza has partnered with EnterpriseDB because they offer migration tools that ensure a faster, safer, and smoother migration journey. EDB provides the strongest end-to-end migration solution with EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) and a comprehensive set of migration connectors and tools, making migrations easier, predictable, and risk-free. Customers who migrate from commercial databases aim to reduce time to market by moving their applications to PostgreSQL. They also require enterprise-class features such as enhanced security, resource management, and tools.


Migrating legacy databases to EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) brings cost reduction, mitigates vendor lock-in risks, and promotes an open-source strategy with PostgreSQL. The combination of EDB products and Zebanza services simplifies the migration from a commercial database to an enterprise-grade DBMS built on top of open-source PostgreSQL.


We will soon share the presentation used during the lunch and learn, as well as part of the migration demo. So keep an eye on our website.


Keep a close eye on our news page to make sure you are there next time!

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